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Sell More Cannabis

We sync your menus across

Make daily menu management a little less scary. Menu Monster
updates your menus across all marketplaces with just one click.

Menu Monster

Spend hours making inventory
updates on each marketplace
every time there’s a change.

Menu Monster

With just one click, Menu Monster
instantly syncs and updates your menus
across all marketplaces.


Menu Monster is optimized for each of the major dispensary marketplaces. We make sure your inventory is updated, accurate and ready for customers to shop. Establish a brand presence across all platforms to never miss out on another sale.

How It Works


Choose between automatic or one-click menu syncing for inventory updates.


Menu details are transferred through our secure and trustworthy tech for consistent product listings across platforms.


Select the marketplaces you want Menu Monster to update and never worry about keeping up with your inventory again.

Quick & Easy Setup


Step 1

Download Menu Monster for your browser
and choose a subscription.
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Step 2

Log into each of your marketplaces
and select which ones need to be updated.
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Step 3

Choose between manual or automatic updates
for each time you sync.